The world is not ours to control, we can only interact.

As we have gained awareness as a species, we have used that awareness to manipulate our environments to our advantage. However, that awareness blinded us to the awareness of others and perhaps even ourselves sometimes. 

We may be able to manipulate our environments, but we cannot control the actions of others. It is possible to manipulate others, though any attempt to do so results in harm to those we force our will upon. 

On the flip side, when we manipulate our environment for our own gain we can also incorporate the awareness of others. As soon as we begin to do that we are using the group mind. The mind of nature, or is it god? 

Small changes can have big impacts. Can we live simply enough to not harm others? (eating them as part of a natural cycle is another matter.) What changes can we make now that have the most impact on our surrounding beings? 

I believe there is a fundamental change happening in the world, the realization that control brings suffering will continue to propagate between people. As we watch this process unfold we will see suffering caused by those that want to control against those that refuse.

But ultimately will there be anyone left who chooses control?

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