The Practice of Permaculture

We need to understand that to practice permaculture is to pick up it’s mantle and charge forth into the world.

Get a charge out of permaculture

You can choose to practice it, in this moment, now.

What people see and call permaculture is in fact the product of permaculture. 

Certainly if you’ve never thought this way, this might be hard and uncomfortable. Perhaps some help?

  • It is to be antifragile, it gains from disruptions.
  • It is pattern recognition, which is possible in many forms. 
  • It is to be organized, to make some attempt at optimization.
  • It is curiosity, about what may be and why.
  • It’s about observation, seeing without judgement what is really happening. 
  • It’s about acceptance of our place in the grand scheme of things.
  • It is about scale and universal order, not putting the cart before the horse. 
  • It’s about doing more with what you have.
  • It’s not about how it looks but it can take many different forms. 
  • It’s about doing the next right thing. 

Anybody can practice. With time they’ll get better and better. It’s something we can do all of the time. It fundamentally changes the way we interact with the world. Anyone can make use of it, anytime, in any situation. 

Will you join us?