What is Permaculture?

I’ve had a fascination with permaculture since I learned about it. There is so much to like. Make the world a better place. Work with nature and feed yourself too. 

But there seems to be a whole bunch of baggage built up around it, some real dysfunction. And at all levels! So many mistake the map for the territory and the pieces for the whole. So many retreat into their own little bubble and disconnect from the realities around us.  

How can we permaculture, without falling into the trap? What is it to really permaculture? We need to think permaculture, to speak its language, to shift our consciousness in some specific ways. I’ve decided for my own practice it’s three things: improve my awareness, ensure me and my family’s life on this planet, and be open to better process. Clearly seeing, improving our action, and having a goal. 

Awareness – What is going on with us and around us? I’m going to know more about me and the world around me, therefore making better decisions. 

Goals – What are we even trying to do? What needs to be done?

Process – What course of action gives the best results in line with our goals based on our contextual awareness?

Seeing whom we’re with, where we’re going, and how to get there in the given context.